26. AUGUST 2017 Import of TLM celebrated in Poland is finished from Google Maps and Sanctus.pl - Miejsca celebracji and Msza.net - Mapa Mszy św. Wszechczasów and piusx.org.pl - Przeoraty i kaplice Bractwa Świętego Piusa X w Polsce.


06. AUGUST 2017 Import of TLM celebrated in Czech Republic is finished from Una Voce Česká republika - Přehled bohoslužeb v ČR. and Knězské bratrstvo svatého Pia X - Pořad bohoslužeb.


05. AUGUST 2017 Import of TLM celebrated in Slovakia is finished from Google Maps and Missa.sk.


10. JUNY 2016 there is an announcement at Rorate Caeli blog saying "WikkiMissa now back online as MesseMonde" and going on:

It seems that the website is still being rebuilt, and understandably the Mass listings are far from complete. Just like the old WikkiMissa, MesseMonde can be edited by readers, and we encourage our readers to go there and update the Mass listings as accurately as possible. 

But MesseMonde was running under the same free French provider as WikkiMissa and in few months was deleted as well. We are going to call MesseMonde as the version 2.0 of WikkiMissa.

18. DECEMBER 2015 founder of WikkiMissa known as "AdminEmmanuel" wrote at leforumcatholique.org:

Free semble considérer que le fait de mettre à jour le site à partir de différentes adresses IP de façon régulière, c'est du spam. Donc, ils ont supprimé entièrement le site ainsi que la base de donnée... sans réactivation possible. 

What means the French provider had deleted the page of WikkiMissa because of too much different IP addresses had been editing the page suggesting it is a spam or a security threat.

In response "Admin Emmanuel" got many offers for help to restore the WikkiMissa. One also from Una Voce France. His last words at forum were:

Je viendrai ici pour vous indiquer les suites, car WikkiMissa va revivre!

"I'll be back to tell You the news because WikkiMissa is comming back!"

10. MAY 2015 is the date of the last archivation of the WikkiMissa's pages on the internet by web.archive.org. WikkiMissa has been running on its first web platform for 3241 days which is 8 years, 10 months and 15 days untill this date.


25. JUN 2006 at 20:21:26 "AdminEmmanuel" edited "PagePrincipale" of the WikkiMissa with subtitle "L'annuaire de la messe traditionnelle" (The directory of the traditional mass) for the first time. It was 1 year and 13 days before Pope Benedict XVI. issued his motu proprio Summorum Pontificum on 07. JULY 2007. The page was ran by French provider on http://honneurs.free.fr/. This we are going to call "version no. 1" of WikkiMissa.