dA: dContinent dISO dComposer123Prov Name of a Diocese (national language): Name of a Diocese (latin):  
NA USA EPNENS DERUBE Diocese of Baton Rouge Dioecesis Rubribaculensis View #625
NA USA EPNENS DEALLA Diocese of Alexandria Dioecesis Alexandrina in Louisiana View #624
NA USA EPNENS AENOAS Archdiocese of New Orleans Archidioecesis Novae Aureliae View #622
NA USA EPMOLE DEJACN Diocese of Jackson Dioecesis Jacksoniensis View #620
NA USA EPMOLE DEBIRM Diocese of Birmingham Dioecesis Birminghamiensis View #619
NA USA EPMOLE DEBILI Diocese of Biloxi Dioecesis Biloxiiensis View #618
NA USA EPMOLE AEMOBE Archdiocese of Mobile Archidioecesis Mobiliensis View #617
NA USA EPMIEE DESUPR Diocese of Superior Dioecesis Superiorensis View #615
NA USA EPMIEE DEMADN Diocese of Madison Dioecesis Madisonensis View #614
NA USA EPMIEE DECROE Diocese of La Crosse Dioecesis Crossensis View #613
NA USA EPMIEE DESIVY Diocese of Green Bay Dioecesis Sinus Viridis View #611
NA USA EPMIEE AEMILE Archdiocese of Milwaukee Archidioecesis Milvauchiensis View #610
NA USA EPMIMI DEVEFE Diocese of Venice Dioecesis Venetiae in Florida View #608
NA USA EPMIMI DESPFG Diocese of St. Petersburg Dioecesis Sancti Petri in Florida View #607
NA USA EPMIMI DESAUE Diocese of St. Augustine Dioecesis Sancti Augustini View #606
NA USA EPMIMI DEPETE Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Dioecesis Pensacolensis–Tallahassiensis View #605
NA USA EPMIMI DELIPH Diocese of Palm Beach Dioecesis Litoris Palmensis View #604
NA USA EPMIMI DEORLO Diocese of Orlando Dioecesis Orlandensis View #603
NA USA EPMIMI AEMIAI Archdiocese of Miami Archidioecesis Miamiensis View #602
NA USA EPLOLE DEOWEO Diocese of Owensboro Dioecesis Owensburgensis View #600
NA USA EPLOLE DENASE Diocese of Nashville Dioecesis Nashvillensis View #599
NA USA EPLOLE DEMEMS Diocese of Memphis Dioecesis Memphitana View #598
NA USA EPLOLE DELEXN Diocese of Lexington Dioecesis Lexingtonensis View #597
NA USA EPLOLE DEKNOE Diocese of Knoxville Dioecesis Knoxvillensis View #596
NA USA EPLOLE DECOVN Diocese of Covington Dioecesis Covingtonensis View #595
NA USA EPLOLE AELUDE Archdiocese of Louisville Archidioecesis Ludovicopolitana View #594
NA USA EPLOES DESDIO Diocese of San Diego Dioecesis Sancti Didaci View #592
NA USA EPLOES DESBEO Diocese of San Bernardino Dioecesis Sancti Bernardi View #591
NA USA EPLOES DEARCE Diocese of Orange Dioecesis Arausicanae in California View #590
NA USA EPLOES DEMOCY Diocese of Monterey Dioecesis Montereyensis in California View #589
NA USA EPLOES DEFREO Diocese of Fresno Dioecesis Fresnensis View #588
NA USA EPLOES AEANCS Archdiocese of Los Angeles Archidioecesis Angelorum in California View #587
NA USA EPKATY DEWICA Diocese of Wichita Dioecesis Wichitensis View #585
NA USA EPKATY DESALA Diocese of Salina Dioecesis Salinensis View #584
NA USA EPKATY DEDODY Diocese of Dodge City Dioecesis Dodgepolis View #583
NA USA EPKATY AEKAKS Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Archidioecesis Kansanopolitana in Kansas View #582
NA USA EPINIS DELAIA Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana Dioecesis Lafayettensis in Indiana View #580
NA USA EPINIS DEGARY Diocese of Gary Dioecesis Gariensis View #579
NA USA EPINIS DEWCSD Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend Dioecesis Wayne Castrensis–South Bendensis View #578
NA USA EPINIS DEEVAE Diocese of Evansville Dioecesis Evansvicensis View #577
NA USA EPINIS AEINDS Archdiocese of Indianapolis Archidioecesis Indianapolitana View #576
NA USA EPHARD DEPROE Diocese of Providence Dioecesis Providentiensis View #574
NA USA EPHARD DENORH Diocese of Norwich Dioecesis Norvicensis View #573
NA USA EPHARD DEBRIT Diocese of Bridgeport Dioecesis Bridgeportensis View #572
NA USA EPHARD AEHARD Archdiocese of Hartford Archidioecesis Hartfortiensis View #571
NA USA EPGAON DEVITA Diocese of Victoria Dioecesis Victoriensis in Texia View #569
NA USA EPGAON DECOCI Diocese of Corpus Christi Dioecesis Corporis Christi View #568
NA USA EPGAON DEBROE Diocese of Brownsville Dioecesis Brownsvillensis View #567
NA USA EPGAON DEBELT Diocese of Beaumont Dioecesis Bellomontensis View #566
NA USA EPGAON DEAUSN Diocese of Austin Dioecesis Austiniensis View #565
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