dA: dContinent dISO dComposer123Prov Name of a Diocese (national language): Name of a Diocese (latin):  
NA USA EPDUUE DESIOY Diocese of Sioux City Dioecesis Siopolitanensis View #562
NA USA EPDUUE DEDESS Diocese of Des Moines Dioecesis Desmoinensis View #561
NA USA EPDUUE DEDAVT Diocese of Davenport Dioecesis Davenportensis View #560
NA USA EPDUUE AEDUBE Archdiocese of Dubuque Archidioecesis Dubuquensis View #559
NA USA EPDEIT DESAGW Diocese of Saginaw Dioecesis Saginavensis View #557
NA USA EPDEIT DEMARE Diocese of Marquette Dioecesis Marquettensis View #556
NA USA EPDEIT DELANG Diocese of Lansing Dioecesis Lansingensis View #555
NA USA EPDEIT DEKALO Diocese of Kalamazoo Dioecesis Kalamazuensis View #554
NA USA EPDEIT DEGRAS Diocese of Grand Rapids Dioecesis Grandcataractensis View #553
NA USA EPDEIT DEGAYD Diocese of Gaylord Dioecesis Gaylordensis View #552
NA USA EPDEIT AEDETT Archdiocese of Detroit Archidioecesis Detroitensis View #551
NA USA EPDEER DEPUEO Diocese of Pueblo Dioecesis Pueblensis View #548
NA USA EPDEER DECOFS Diocese of Colorado Springs Dioecesis Coloratensium Fontium View #547
NA USA EPDEER DECHEE Diocese of Cheyenne Dioecesis Cheyennensis View #546
NA USA EPDEER AEDENR Archdiocese of Denver Archidioecesis Denveriensis View #545
NA USA EPCITI DEYOUN Diocese of Youngstown Dioecesis Youngstonensis View #543
NA USA EPCITI DETOLO Diocese of Toledo Dioecesis Toletana in America View #542
NA USA EPCITI DESTEE Diocese of Steubenville Dioecesis Steubenvicensis View #541
NA USA EPCITI DECOLS Diocese of Columbus Dioecesis Columbensis View #540
NA USA EPCITI DECLED Diocese of Cleveland Dioecesis Clevelandensis View #539
NA USA EPCITI AECINI Archdiocese of Cincinnati Archidioecesis Cincinnatensis View #538
NA USA EPCHGO DECAIS Diocese of Springfield in Illinois Dioecesis Campifontis in Illinois View #536
NA USA EPCHGO DEROCD Diocese of Rockford Dioecesis Rockfordiensis View #535
NA USA EPCHGO DEPEOA Diocese of Peoria Dioecesis Peoriensis View #534
NA USA EPCHGO DEJOIS Diocese of Joliet in Illinois Dioecesis Joliettensis in Illinois View #533
NA USA EPCHGO DEBELE Diocese of Belleville Dioecesis Bellevillensis View #532
NA USA EPCHGO AECHIO Archdiocese of Chicago Archidioecesis Chicagiensis View #531
NA USA EPBOON DEWIGR Diocese of Worcester Dioecesis Wigorniensis View #529
NA USA EPBOON DECAMS Diocese of Springfield in Massachusetts Dioecesis Campifontis View #528
NA USA EPBOON DEPORD Diocese of Portland Dioecesis Portlandensis View #527
NA USA EPBOON DEMANR Diocese of Manchester Diocensis Manchesteriensis View #526
NA USA EPBOON DERIVR Diocese of Fall River Dioecesis Riverormenensis View #524
NA USA EPBOON DEBURN Diocese of Burlington Dioecesis Burlingtonensis View #523
NA USA EPBOON AEBOSN Archdiocese of Boston Archidioecesis Bostoniensis View #522
NA USA EPBARE DEWILN Diocese of Wilmington Dioecesis Wilmingtoniensis View #520
NA USA EPBARE DEVHCN Diocese of Wheeling–Charleston Dioecesis Vhelingensis–Carolopolitanus View #519
NA USA EPBARE DERICD Diocese of Richmond Dioecesis Richmondiensis View #518
NA USA EPBARE DEARLN Diocese of Arlington Dioecesis Arlingtonensis View #517
NA USA EPBARE AEBALE Archdiocese of Baltimore Archidioecesis Baltimorensis View #516
NA USA EPATTA DESAVH Diocese of Savannah Dioecesis Savannensis View #514
NA USA EPATTA DERALH Diocese of Raleigh Dioecesis Raleighiensis View #512
NA USA EPATTA DECARE Diocese of Charlotte Dioecesis Carolinana View #511
NA USA EPATTA DECARN Diocese of Charleston Dioecesis Carolopolitana View #510
NA USA EPATTA AEATLA Archdiocese of Atlanta Archdioecesis Atlantensis View #509
EU FRA PEANNE DECAIE Diocèse de Cayenne Dioecesis Caiennensis View #461
EU FRA PEANNE DEITPE Diocèse de Basse-Terre et Pointe-à-Pitre Dioecesis Imae Telluris et Petrirostrensis) View #460
EU FRA PEANNE AEAGPE Archidiocèse de Saint-Pierre et Fort-de-France Archidioecesis Arcis Gallicae (et S. Petri o Martinicensis) View #459
EU FRA PELYON DEVIVS Diocèse de Viviers Dioecesis Vivariensis View #457
EU FRA PELYON DEVDTX Diocèse de Valence, Die et Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux Dioecesis Valentinensis (-Diensis-Tricastinensis) View #456
EU FRA PELYON DESSTE Diocèse de Saint-Étienne Dioecesis Sancti Stephani View #455
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