dA: dContinent dISO dComposer123Prov Name of a Diocese (national language): Name of a Diocese (latin):  
NA USA EPSAIO DEARVH Diocese of Fort Worth Dioecesis Arcis-Vorthensis View #687
NA USA EPSAIO DEELPO Diocese of El Paso Dioecesis Elpasensis View #686
NA USA EPSAIO DEDALS Diocese of Dallas Dioecesis Dallasensis View #685
NA USA EPSAIO DEAMAO Diocese of Amarillo Dioecesis Amarillensis View #684
NA USA EPSAIO AESANO Archdiocese of San Antonio Archidioecesis Sancti Antonii View #683
NA USA EPSAIA DESAPO Diocese of Samoa-Pago Pago Dioecesis Samoa–Pagopagensis View #681
NA USA EPSPIS DEWINA Diocese of Winona Dioecesis Winonensis View #679
NA USA EPSPIS DESIOS Diocese of Sioux Falls Dioecesis Siouxormensis View #678
NA USA EPSPIS DESCLD Diocese of Saint Cloud Dioecesis Sancti Clodoaldi View #677
NA USA EPSPIS DERAPY Diocese of Rapid City Dioecesis Rapidopolitana View #676
NA USA EPSPIS DENOUM Diocese of New Ulm Dioecesis Novae Ulmae View #675
NA USA EPSPIS DEFARO Diocese of Fargo Dioecesis Fargensis View #674
NA USA EPSPIS DEDULH Diocese of Duluth Dioecesis Duluthensis View #673
NA USA EPSPIS DECRON Diocese of Crookston Dioecesis Crookstoniensis View #672
NA USA EPSPIS DEBISK Diocese of Bismarck Dioecesis Bismarcquensis View #671
NA USA EPSPIS AEPAMS Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Archidiocesis Paulopolitana et Minneapolitana View #670
NA USA EPPOND DEHELA Diocese of Helena Dioecesis Helenensis View #668
NA USA EPPOND DEMABS Diocese of Great Falls-Billings Dioecesis Magnocataractensis–Billingensis View #667
NA USA EPPOND DEXYLE Diocese of Boise Dioecesis Xylopolitana View #666
NA USA EPPOND DEBAKR Diocese of Baker Dioecesis Bakeriensis View #665
NA USA EPPOND AEPOON Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon Archidioecesis Portlandensis in Oregonia View #664
NA USA EPPHIA DESCRN Diocese of Scranton Dioecesis Scrantonensis View #662
NA USA EPPHIA DEPITH Diocese of Pittsburgh Dioecesis Pittsburgensis View #661
NA USA EPPHIA DEHARG Diocese of Harrisburg Dioecesis Harrisburgensis View #660
NA USA EPPHIA DEGREG Diocese of Greensburg Dioecesis Greensburgensis View #659
NA USA EPPHIA DEERIE Diocese of Erie Diocesis Eriensis View #658
NA USA EPPHIA DEALJN Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Dioecesis Altunensis-Johnstoniensis View #657
NA USA EPPHIA DEALAN Diocese of Allentown Dioecesis Alanpolitana View #656
NA USA EPPHIA AEPHIA Archdiocese of Philadelphia Archidioecesis Philadelphiensis View #655
NA USA EPOMHA DELINN Diocese of Lincoln Dioecesis Lincolnensis View #653
NA USA EPOMHA DEINGD Diocese of Grand Island Dioecesis Insulae Grandis View #652
NA USA EPOMHA AEOMAA Archdiocese of Omaha Archidioecesis Omahensis View #651
NA USA EPOKTY DETULA Diocese of Tulsa Dioecesis Tulsensis View #648
NA USA EPOKTY DEPETK Diocese of Little Rock Dioecesis Petriculana View #647
NA USA EPOKTY AEOCLY Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Archidioecesis Oclahomensis View #646
NA USA EPNERK DETREN Diocese of Trenton Dioecesis Trentonensis View #644
NA USA EPNERK DEPATN Diocese of Paterson Dioecesis Patersonensis View #643
NA USA EPNERK DEMETN Diocese of Metuchen Dioecesis Metuchenis View #642
NA USA EPNERK DECAMN Diocese of Camden Dioecesis Camdensis View #640
NA USA EPNERK AENOVK Archdiocese of Newark Archidioecesis Novarcensis View #639
NA USA EPNYRK DESYRE Diocese of Syracuse Dioecesis Syracusensis View #637
NA USA EPNYRK DEPILE Diocese of Rockville Centre Dioecesis Petropolitana in Insula Longa View #636
NA USA EPNYRK DEOGDG Diocese of Ogdensburg Dioecesis Ogdensburgensis View #635
NA USA EPNYRK DEBUFO Diocese of Buffalo Dioecesis Buffalensis View #633
NA USA EPNYRK DEBRUN Diocese of Brooklyn Dioecesis Bruklyniensis View #632
NA USA EPNYRK DEALBY Diocese of Albany Dioecesis Albanensis View #631
NA USA EPNYRK AENEEK Archdiocese of New York Archidioecesis Neo-Eboracensis View #630
NA USA EPNENS DELACS Diocese of Lake Charles Dioecesis Lacus Carolini View #628
NA USA EPNENS DELAFE Diocese of Lafayette Dioecesis Lafayettensis View #627
NA USA EPNENS DEHUTX Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux Dioecesis Humensis–Thibodensis View #626
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